The University of Alberta & RED Academy

RED Academy was founded in 2015 by a committed team of tech and impact-focused entrepreneurs, with a mission to change the way we think about education. Despite the growing demand for tech talent, traditional models of education are not preparing students for an industry that’s constantly changing. RED Academy’s founders are addressing the widening skills gap, endeavouring to equip students with both the hard and soft skills needed to stay competitive in a dynamic and energetic industry.

RED Academy’s curriculum is built through deep consultation with industry professionals and our hiring partners, and is designed to be flexible to emerging trends in the tech industry. Through Round Table discussions and interactive networking sessions, RED Academy is able to engage the community and assess what skills stakeholders need our graduates to be proficient in, immediately upon graduation and into the future.

RED Academy and the University of Alberta has chosen to collaborate because we are confident that the quality of education offered by the university fits the needs of RED Academy’s students. Edmonton’s community is the heart of an economy poised for exponential growth, and the University of Alberta is perfectly positioned to be the pathway through which graduates flow from traditional post-secondary education through to technical education and into the workforce. This is the first of many global academic collaborations as RED Academy continues our mission to equip a fast-moving world with the skills and experiences to thrive in a digital economy.

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